Hello! My name is Harun Hurtic! 🙂


MYK - Mobile App

Designed, developed and launched a mobile & web application on the Google Play Store for a company by the name ‘MYK’. The goal was to develop the application and content for users to view and learn stretching exercises in 3D. This also included modelling, texturing and animating the exercises for the application.

Agder Gass - Website

Redesigned the company’s complete graphic profile (logo, font & colors) as well as designed their website. The website was also tested on real users for feedback to increase usability.

Align Racing - Website Redesign

Redesigned the whole website of a student organization by the name of ‘Align Racing’, a Formula Student competing team. The goal was to make the application process for the organization easier as well as increase the websites usability. 

BetterAid - App & Website

Designed a mobile app and a responsive website for the fictional ‘BetterAid’. The goal was to design a mobile app and a responsive website to help people learn First-Aid to benefit social good.


I am a UX Designer Developer
with a lot of technical knowledge & an eye for design


UX Design Process

HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS

Adobe Creative Cloud

Design & Prototyping

Usability Testing

Project Managing

Multilingual speaker



NTNU – Gjøvik, Norway

Interaction Design, Masters Degree

2023 – 2025
I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Interaction Design.

University Of Agder – Grimstad, Norway

Multimedia Technology & Design, Bachelors Degree

2020 – 2023
I obtained my bachelor’s degree in 2023.

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